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Essentiality check of declared standard essential patents by experts with experience in a range of communications and networks related technologies. Preparation of evidence of use charts at highly competitive rates.

What is standard essentiality check and what value can IP Solutions Hub offer?

  • There is no easy and reliable method to identify patents that are declared as standards. Several companies tend to over-declare their patents as standards to get an edge over their competitors in the cut-throat SEP race.
  • Various law firms and database companies charge a whopping amount of money to correctly assure whether a patent declared as SEP is actually a standard essential patent or not. Plus, they take a lot of time to accurately identify and prove the essentiality of all the patents in the portfolio of different companies.
  • Since the identification of SEPs needs a solid technical background with a proven track record, a pure automation approach has restricted this space.
  • Also, ramping up the team size based on the work volume is another challenge in the SEP space, as trained technical experts in the domain are limited that can bring top-notch quality in 100% of cases.

Therefore, IP Solutions Hub, a service provider with a solid technical team and a proprietary SEP database, helps customers correctly identify the SEPs.

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What We Deliver?

Functional terminologies used in patent are mapped against the shortlisted version of the technical standards

Checking whether the claimed essential patents map on to the same standard version or not.

Each individual claim element is mapped against relevant description/ excerpts from the standard documents

The claim elements are color coded and the respective relevant excerpts/ snapshots of standards are highlighted 

Analyst comments for each claim element mapping are added to explain our rationale and interpretation

A conference call with the analyst team to go over the reports and address any queries

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Do You Know?

Very experienced team comprising of Masters and PhDs in the telecom domain

1000+ hours of work every week analyzing standards in telecom 3GPP, short range, IEEE wireless domains and checking  the essentiality of patents

IP Solutions Hub developed its own in-house standards database with updates on an ongoing  basis.

The internal standards database helps in improving the accuracy, precision and recall for retrieving the correct standard documents quickly and accurately. 

~90% success rate for 4-5 days search in accurately identifying the correct standard versions and checking the essentiality of the declared SEP     

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