Refund and Cancellation Policy

IP solutions hub brings 20 years of Patent Searching expertise in focussing on quality deliverables and customer satisfaction. We ensure that the services you avail from us are delivered in a timely manner and to your full satisfaction.

The payment made will not be refunded, however, IP Solutions hub will be happy to rerun the search again in the scenario where IP solutions hub has missed any key instructions received from the customer that deviated from identifying the results. This additional search will not be charged and will be covered in the payment made while ordering the search.

In minimal situations, a refund of fees paid may be allowed only when a customer ordering a search paid a higher cost than the search cost. Carefully review the information provided below before submitting a refund request. We will refund from our end post our internal investigation.

We can provide cancellation only in case of a mismatch of search requests while doing the payment. Contact us within 24 hours at

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Searches are done based on the resources available in the public domain such as published patents/applications, scientific literature, etc. available/accessible/downloadable. The inclusion of contents in this report does not provide any legal opinion. Furthermore, it is based upon individual experts’ views/judgments. Such analysis may vary from expert to expert. Experts’ views may not concur with/should not be treated as the views of Molecular Connections.