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Launch products without infringing on any existing patents - a venn diagram approach to mitigate risks at all times

An FTO search – How can it protect your products and expand your business horizons?

FTO search is conducted before launching a product or process in the market, with the intention of commercializing the concept. MCRPL can help in identifying the existing granted patents and/ or published patent publications, in order to avoid potential infringements.


Patent protection is based on regional or territorial rights, hence the FTO search is also jurisdiction specific. If a firm wants to bring a product or process in multiple regions, then the FTO search should cover all the intended jurisdictions of interest. MCRPL FTO search solution can help in making these critical decisions which help in devising your IP strategy, in turn leading to your product lifecycle development.


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7-8 relevant patents (ALIVE) with relevant excerpts and detailed mapping against the product features will be provided

5-10 related references with basic bibliographic data will be provided

Thorough search Strategies key words, IPC/USC classes, assignee and inventor names are provided in the report

Analyst comments for each selected relevant reference are provided along with the relevant excerpts

A conference call with the analyst team to go over the identified references and address any queries

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FTO-Do You Know ?

Helpful in avoiding  risky patents that could act as barriers for commercial launch of the product

Identifying potential pathways for product redesign

Identifying patents for in-licensing and avoiding litigation risk

~97% success rate in identifying most relevant and risky patents with 6-7 days search which is highly appreciated by our clients

Near to ZERO quality issues in the last 3 years!

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Thank you for requesting a report sample

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