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Make informed decisions through in-depth findings

Looking for a successful grant of your invention? Increase your success rate through a comprehensive prior art search.

A comprehensive patentability search report lists relevant prior arts and compares each element of the target invention with the prior art identified. The search is conducted on patents, and non-patent literature (articles, journals, thesis, products, conferences, etc.) published worldwide.

IP Solutions Hub’s cutting-edge solutions with best-in-class products, processes and people can help you make an informed decision on your inventions – whether the invention is patentable or what type of prior arts are available in a similar technology domain. 

We will provide you with:

  • Assessment your invention with a sliding scale to indicate chances of the invention being patentable or lacking novelty and inventive steps.
  • PDF copies of all prior art documents in the search report
  • Executive summary of prior art documents identified.
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What We Deliver?

An MS-Word or Excel or PDF report as per your preference

Detailed mapping for each invention feature with the identified prior art documents (patents, non-patents, products, etc.) with separate colour schemes

Detailed analyst comments are provided for each reference  

A web-based dynamic report containing the summary of prior art references identified in a matrix format and relevant text mapping is also provided as a value add at no additional cost

A list of secondary relevant documents is provided

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Do You Know?

IP solutions hub adopts hybrid approach – Human plus Machine to make sure the quality is impeccable on all searches

IP solutions hub uses its proprietary MC Rank tool – an AI/ML based algorithm that can shortlist relevant documents in a very quick time. 

MC RANK  tool helps to provide consistent and superior results and acts as strong internal quality mechanism that can overcome any human error

~80% success rate for 4-5 days of search search when it comes to finding 102 or x level prior art

Near to ZERO quality issues in the last 3 years!

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