Invalidity Search

Using Human + Machine approach to identify highly accurate 102/ 103 or X/ Y documents with high precision claim mapping

Want to invalidate a patent or set of patents? Looking for the acquisition of a patent and want to check the strength of that patent?

IP Solutions Hub has been helping over 400+ companies regularly through comprehensive invalidity searches for various objectives. Having conducted over 2500+ invalidity searches in the last 3 years, IP Solutions Hub has developed a unique position and approaches in accordance with industry standards to deliver 102 (X) references in close to 95% of all the searches performed over the years. We have delivered invalidation searches for different backgrounds, including inventors, organizations, manufacturers, etc.

IP Solutions Hub adopts a no stones unturned approach for all searches. We go beyond simple claim comparison and understand the entire specification of the claims at issue.

We prepare search strings that apply to various databases based on technical and non-technical keywords, related synonyms and international classifications such as IPC, CPC, ECLA, FI/F-terms, etc., based on the most active players in the domain and other strategies.

Further, we also use an in-house, proprietary artificial intelligence tool, MC RANK, an AI/ML based algorithm 

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What We Deliver?

4-5 relevant references with relevant excerpts and a detailed claim mapping will be provided.

 3-4 related references with relevant excerpts and no claim mapping

 A detailed file wrapper history analysis and citation analysis is performed for the target patent

Analyst comments and support from patent specification for each selected relevant references are added

A conference call with the analyst team to go over the identified references and address any queries

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Do You Know?

IP Solutions Hub adopts hybrid manual and AI search based approach

IP solutions hub uses its proprietary MC RANK  tool – an AI/ML based algorithm that can shortlist relevant documents in a very quick time.

MC RANK  tool helps to provide consistent and superior results and acts as strong internal quality mechanism that can overcome any human error

~80% success rate for 4-5 days of search search when it comes to finding 102 or x level prior art

Near to ZERO quality issues in the last 3 years!

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