About Us

IP Solutions Hub is an extended arm of  Molecular Connections Research Pvt. Ltd. which has been serving the IP community for over 2 decades, by building the world’s top 5 patent and non-patent databases. Driven by expertise in analyzing 20 million+ patents and 15 million+ scientific articles, IP Solutions Hub provides end-to-end patent search & analytics services. We serve IP divisions, the prosecution teams, the litigation teams, licensing teams, and business and R&D divisions with patent search & analytics to make informed decisions. IP Solutions hub technology gene adopts a proactive approach in launching a game-changing and one of its kind tool that can track and monitor patents, competitors, technology, clinical trials, collaborations, funding and so on under one tool. The holistic approach adopted by IP Solutions Hub has helped IP divisions operate business seamlessly and helped yield better returns on search investments. IP Solutions Hub’s end-to-end patent search & analytics services range from paralegal, docketing services, patent searches, litigation support, licensing, and commercialization support services, serving all types of clientele across 6 continents.