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20 million+ patents analyzed and 15 miIllion+ scientific literature indexed

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Robust processes, rigorous training and proven methodologies offering significantly better search results than our competitors

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Human cognition + Machine learning + Better process = Superior results

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MC RANK- Powerful AI tool that ranks and filters most relevant patents within 30 seconds

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2 million hours of IP search & analytics projects executed

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Serving 1450+ clients, 92% repeat business


Break up by client types

R&D and innovation team
Mid and small sized IP law firms
Research consortiums
individual inventors
Corporate IP teams
Large sized IP law firms
Patent licensing teams

Location of Clients

North America

43 %

South and East Asia

11 %

South America

4 %

North Africa

4 %


4 %

Western & Central Europe

24 %

Middle East

18 %



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Quick Search

Prior art search results within 2 business days for quick novelty and validity assessments at very competitive rates

Quick Searches: How can it enhance your invention harvesting and reduce the search budget?

Quick novelty or validity assessments are key to making a go or no-go decision in case of a new patent draft or opposing an existing patent document. Our fast turn-around searches ensure that you get the more relevant search results within 1 business day and more detailed search results within 2 business days at a fraction of the cost incurred on regular prior art searches. All quick searches are done manually to ensure high quality results that map to the invention in question. We also provide a slider scale to indicate the probability of getting the invention allowed in its present form during examination. These quick searches are a life-saver for any attorney starting to draft a new patent by helping them avoid the prior art results most likely to be uncovered during examination.

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FTO / Clearance Search

Launch products without infringing on any existing patents - a venn diagram approach to mitigate risks at all times

An FTO search – How can it protect your products and expand your business horizons?

FTO search is conducted before launching a product or process in the market, with the intention of commercializing the concept. MCRPL can help in identifying the existing granted patents and/ or published patent publications, in order to avoid potential infringements.


Patent protection is based on regional or territorial rights, hence the FTO search is also jurisdiction specific. If a firm wants to bring a product or process in multiple regions, then the FTO search should cover all the intended jurisdictions of interest. MCRPL FTO search solution can help in making these critical decisions which help in devising your IP strategy, in turn leading to your product lifecycle development.


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Invalidity Search

Using Human + Machine approach to identify highly accurate 102/ 103 or X/ Y documents with high precision claim mapping

Want to invalidate a patent or set of patents? Looking for the acquisition of a patent and want to check the strength of that patent?

IP Solutions Hub has been helping over 400+ companies regularly through comprehensive invalidity searches for various objectives. Having conducted over 2500+ invalidity searches in the last 3 years, IP Solutions Hub has developed a unique position and approaches in accordance with industry standards to deliver 102 (X) references in close to 95% of all the searches performed over the years. We have delivered invalidation searches for different backgrounds, including inventors, organizations, manufacturers, etc.

IP Solutions Hub adopts a no stones unturned approach for all searches. We go beyond simple claim comparison and understand the entire specification of the claims at issue.

We prepare search strings that apply to various databases based on technical and non-technical keywords, related synonyms and international classifications such as IPC, CPC, ECLA, FI/F-terms, etc., based on the most active players in the domain and other strategies.

Further, we also use an in-house, proprietary artificial intelligence tool, MC RANK, an AI/ML based algorithm 

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Standards Search

Essentiality check of declared standard essential patents by experts with experience in a range of communications and networks related technologies. Preparation of evidence of use charts at highly competitive rates.

What is standard essentiality check and what value can IP Solutions Hub offer?

  • There is no easy and reliable method to identify patents that are declared as standards. Several companies tend to over-declare their patents as standards to get an edge over their competitors in the cut-throat SEP race.
  • Various law firms and database companies charge a whopping amount of money to correctly assure whether a patent declared as SEP is actually a standard essential patent or not. Plus, they take a lot of time to accurately identify and prove the essentiality of all the patents in the portfolio of different companies.
  • Since the identification of SEPs needs a solid technical background with a proven track record, a pure automation approach has restricted this space.
  • Also, ramping up the team size based on the work volume is another challenge in the SEP space, as trained technical experts in the domain are limited that can bring top-notch quality in 100% of cases.

Therefore, IP Solutions Hub, a service provider with a solid technical team and a proprietary SEP database, helps customers correctly identify the SEPs.

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Patentability Search

Make informed decisions through in-depth prior art search results

Looking for a successful grant of your invention? Increase your success rate through a comprehensive prior art search.

A comprehensive patentability search report lists relevant prior arts and compares each element of the target invention with the prior art identified. The search is conducted on patents, and non-patent literature (articles, journals, thesis, products, conferences, etc.) published worldwide.

IP Solutions Hub’s cutting-edge solutions with best-in-class products, processes and people can help you make an informed decision on your inventions – whether the invention is patentable or what type of prior arts are available in a similar technology domain. 

We will provide you with:

  • Assessment your invention with a sliding scale to indicate chances of the invention being patentable or lacking novelty and inventive steps.
  • PDF copies of all prior art documents in the search report
  • Executive summary of prior art documents identified.
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